Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company
Contact: Terry d'Selkie
Address: 1180 Hoe Road Ukiah, ca, 95482
Email Address:
Phone: 707-694-9496
About Us
Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company has been in business for over 30 years. I have owned the company since 1999, when I purchased it from Betsea Holiday. After moving to Mendocino County in 1997, I harvested seaweed and fell in love with the ocean and the plants. I enjoy harvesting, drying, packaging and selling healthy, nutrient dense sea veggies to people for their well-being.
Ocean Harvests' sea veggies are harvested from the Mendocino Coast from clean, non-polluted waters. I sustainably wildcraft 9 varieties of sea vegetables from April-August, during the new and full moon. I then bring these sea veggies inland to dry on nylon net tables in the redwood forest. Upon drying, the sea veggies are lovingly packed in bags to retain their crispy, dryness, which in turn retains the nutrients for long-term yearly storage. Orders are received and shipped in a timely fashion.