Goddess of the Mountain
Contact: Fairlight Ahlgren
Address: 18446 Hidden Valley RD Hidden Valley Lake, CA, 95467
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Phone: 320-360-9180
About Us
Simply. Divinely. Delicious. Goddess of the Mountain products are made from scratch in a certified home kitchen in Hidden Valley Lake, and filled with loving intentions and prayers for your health, happiness, love and abundance.

70% dark chocolate cups, coins and bars are lovingly created in small batches from raw organic cacao sourced from Peru and Ecuador, with raw unfiltered wildflower honey (which is never heated over 98 degrees) and Himalayan salt.

I take no shortcuts, using the highest quality ingredients with time- and labor-intensive techniques to draw out maximum nutrition with minimal processing. For example, I use sprouted raw almonds, then candy them in low-glycemic coconut sugar for the almond embrace cups just to get the extra nutrition that sprouting provides. (Because I am a cottage food operation, I cannot sell sprouted almonds without cooking them; however, I believe that it is worth the extra steps to bring out the additional nutrition that sprouting brings out, rather than leave them unactivated, to make them more easily digestible and help your body absorb all of the superfood nutrition abundant in my ingredients.)

You won’t find any soy products/by-products, agave syrup or sugar (organic or not!) in my products. I use natural sweeteners like carob, maple butter and coconut crystals for the cookies and soak the flax seeds just before blending with sprouted almonds in the cookies.

It takes more love to make Goddess of the Mountain products, but it’s my passion to eat this way and share it with others. You will taste the love that goes into them, and you can feel the difference in how your body responds.