Indigo Canyon, Lakeport, Ca.
Contact: Jody Altic
Address: 6995 Scotts Valley road Lakeport, CA, 95453
Email Address:
Phone: 707-263-8241
About Us
My farm is located in Scotts Valley just outside Lakeport, Calif. There are some old walnut trees on my property that still produce wonderful nuts for my family and I have 30 chickens that make beautiful multi-colored eggs and manure for the trees and gardens. I planted olive trees 15 years ago and they are producing more and more olives as they mature. Each year in November I bribe all my friends and family to come help pick the olives by promising a weekend of fun, feasting and after the pressing they each get a bottle of olio nuevo (new oil). There is nothing in the world like it! This plan seems to be working because they keep coming back each year.
My farm is not certified organic, but I love my little corner of this earth and never use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The chickens are feed only organic feeds and are free ranging every day and their manure is composted and used in the gardens and around the tress.