Dancing TreePeople Farm
Address: 1445 Pitney Lane Upper Lake, CA, 95485
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Phone: 707-245-9076
About Us
Dancing TreePeople Farm is located in Upper Lake, California. We embrace the ethics and principles of permaculture and natural growing methods.

The 11 acre orchard is certified organic and has been producing walnuts for over 50 years, organically grown since 2000.

Recent additions include raised bed vegetable gardens, a perennial food forest, plant-start greenhouses, solar energy and various natural buildings.

Our walnuts are certified organic, with an annual organic systems plan.

We use all natural products and permaculture farming methods. Our record keeping system documents the source of all our seed/planting stock and inputs, production, harvesting, handling, movement and transfer of ownership of our organic product. We retain all seed orders and list transaction and all significant actions in an electronic log. All of our seeds are sourced organic. This year, we are also beginning seed-saving of mature open pollinated seeds.
Walnuts are certified organic